By participating in our system companies reduce their costs on product-packaging fee.

For municipalities we organize separate waste collection and treatment systems.

We help citizens get involved in the process of recycling and protection of the environment.

Let’s Keep Bulgaria Clean for Our Children

What is ECOBULPACK Bulgaria?

ECOBULPACK Bulgaria is a joint stock company, which does not distribute profit, but instead re-invest the accumulated profit in establishing sustainable separate packaging waste collection systems.

Producers and importers of packaged goods reduce their costs on product-packaging fee by participating in ECOBULPACK Bulgaria’s system.

Our team builds and maintains efficient waste recovery systems for industrial, commercial and household packaging waste through collecting, sorting and recycling. This process facilitates our business partners and provides protection for the environment.


Caring for Nature

ECOBULPACK group with the help of companies, municipalities and people take care of the environment by saving raw materials and resources.

number of trees 5 270 109
mwh of electric energy 1 621 572
litres of drinking water 12 972 576
barrels of petrol 2 132 167
tonnes of waste 808 283
tonnes of iron ore 74 532

years helping people
and the environment
in Bulgaria

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