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Separate Collection

We assist municipalities in Bulgaria by planning, organizing and building systems for separate collection, temporary storage, sorting, processing and transportation to recycling facilities of packaging waste, collected from households, commercial and public buildings.

Two-container Model

We apply two-container model of separate waste collection system which consists of:

Yellow container
for collecting paper, plastic and metal packaging, the so-called Bobar type, with the capacity of 1 100 litres and the so-called Iglu type – capacity of 1700 l and 1800 l.

Green container
for glass packaging, the so-called type “Iglu”, with capacity of 1400 litres.

In some municipalities paper, plastics and metals are collected in bins of various volume.

Door-to-door Model

This model is implemented by supplying each household with specialized bins for separate collection. This allows families to organize their own waste sorting as well as to adopt long-lasting positive behaviours.

Main advantages of two-container model are:

  • sorting waste at the point of its generation
  • collecting larger quantities with higher levels of purity
  • optimized management, ensuring residents’ convenience