About us

Why ECOBULPACK Bulgaria?

ECOBULPACK Bulgaria is a joint stock company that does not distribute profit. The accumulated funds are invested in establishing sustainable systems for separate collection and recovery of packaging waste.

As part of ECOBULPACK Group, the company applies gained over the years experience and know-how in managing packaging waste.

As a result of the group’s consistent investment policy, own bases and logistics were build and organized, creating the necessary conditions for sustainable business development.

Vidyo Videv

Executive Director

Vidyo Videv was born on 20 august 1960. He graduated from the Leningrad Engineering and Construction Institute in St. Petersburg. Since 1991 he has been an entrepreneur and a business owner. Currently he is the executive director of Vidona AD and Niva AD as well.

Georgi Slavchev


Georgi Slavchev graduated from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia in “Economic Informatics”. In 2006 he joined Ecobulpack’s team as a Director of Trade & Customer Service. Currently holding the position of Procurator of Ecobulpack Bulgaria JSC.



In 2018 ECOBULPACK clients released a total quantity of 113 914 tonnes of packaging material on the market. The national recycling target 55% makes ECOBULPACK responsible for the recycling of 62 653 tonnes.

However, ECOBULPACK overachieved the target by collecting and recycling 81 762 tonnes of packaging waste.

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